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Why do eyebrows tattooing have to be complement colors?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

If you like semi permanent makeup eyebrow, then please accept the process of its transformation. When many people have just finished semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, how beautiful they look, but after removing the scabs, they may not leave any color. This is why they need to add color after 28 days.

Color retention is related to many factors, including the nature of the skin, the amount of repair products applied, the condition of scabs, and so on. The color retention rate of the same color and the same operation technique is different on different people. But even if the color retention rate reaches 90%, you still need a second color complement, and in some special cases, you even need a third color complement, so that you can finally show the perfect effect. The general recovery process of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is basically as follows:

Day 1

①Be sure to keep the face clean without makeup. ②Cooperate with the tattoo artist and listen to the opinion of the tattoo artist to observe whether there are special conditions such as allergies.

Day 2

① Eyebrows look thick , which is normal. ② Pay attention to apply the all-around repair kit on time as instructed by the tattoo master. Apply epidermal repair liquid first and then repair gel. Only a thin layer of repair gel is needed, otherwise it will affect the scab formation. ③Avoid touching the eyebrows with detergent and water. ④Don't do strenuous exercise, eat light food, don't touch spicy seafood!

Day 3~4

① On the third day or so, the eyebrows have begun to scab and may feel a little itchy, but be careful not to scratch, rub, or rub with your hands. Continue to apply the all-round repair kit on time! ②Stay indoors as much as possible and avoid going out in the sun, especially now in summer, so as not to sweat and meet water.

Day 5~6

① At this time, the eyebrows are about to start to scab. By this time, many MMs can't help it. Obsessive-compulsive disorder has begun, the eyebrows are itchy, the hands are also itchy, and the scabs are beginning to be peeled! Don't do this, let the scab fall off naturally! ②The eyebrows still cannot touch the water, nor can you eat spicy, seafood, etc.

Day 7~8

①The scab removal of eyebrows is basically completed. Depending on the recovery, you can gradually touch the water after recovery. ②You will find that the color has faded more than a little bit, which is normal. ③Report the situation to the tattoo artist, judge the degree of coloring, and prepare the complementary color after 28 days. Therefore, semi-permanent eyebrow fixation is done in 30% and 70% for nourishment. It is necessary to maintain a calm mind, actively cooperate with the tattoo artist and complete all the processes, only in this way can you create the most perfect makeup effect!

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