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Tips for eyebrow tattooing color correction

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Event description:

Due to messy and sparse eyebrows, 25-year-old Ms. Lee did a semi-permanent eyebrow set on the recommendation of a friend. After the scab fell off, the eyebrows basically lost their color. After asking the tattoo artist, Ms. Lee learned that this is a normal process for eyebrow tattooing, and after a month, a "secondary color correction" can be performed to achieve the desired effect.

Eyebrows need to be refilled, and it should be late but not early, and should be light and not thick.

First of all, let's use a picture to take a look at the process of making eyebrows from thick color to peeling off scabs. As you can see, when I finished my eyebrows on the first day, the color was slightly heavy. On the second day and the third day it became dark and thick, a bit like Crayon Shin-chan, did it fail? In fact, it is not. At this time, the scab is forming, which is a normal phenomenon. Don't worry, just apply and repair it correctly according to the instructions of the technician. Fourth day, fifth day, sixth day. At the beginning, the scabs fell off, piece by piece, which looked scary. On the 7th and 8th day, after the scab removal is over, the eyebrows are directly lightened and even metabolized to no color.

Why doesn't eyebrows stay color after scabs are off Because a professional tattoo artist will not make a deep needle for the first time, the first coloring is equivalent to a color test on the skin. If the needle is penetrated too deeply for the first time, it may cause the eyebrows to faint. Blurred eyebrows can be very troublesome, not easy to modify, and may even need to be washed. So it's a good thing that no color after the scab is removed!

The necessity of secondary complementary colors

First, the stratum corneum cells will fall off, the cycle is about 28 days. Therefore, after finishing the semi-permanent tattoo for the first time, about 0%-50% of the pigment will fall off with the stratum corneum cells. At the same time, it is related to age, skin elasticity, and whether it has been damaged. Second, after the first semi-permanent tattoo, the skin’s absorption of pigments can be mastered according to the first treatment. In the later color correction process, the semi-permanent tattoo can be improved while correcting the deficiency. The effect is natural simulation, even reaching the best maintenance time.

To complement color because of health

Traditional artificial chemical pigments are very easy to color, and the color will go up as soon as the skin is broken. Basically, there is no need to supplement the color, but after a few years, it will become blue eyebrows, red eyebrows, and green eyeliner. At that time, you may need to spend thousands of dollars. , And even more money to go to the laser to wash away, not only the damage to the skin but also the pain caused by the laser.

The tattoo colors used in Korean semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are all natural plants and mineral extracts, although the color is not easy to go up in the early stage, and it needs to be supplemented. But after 3 years, your eyebrows will not turn into blue eyebrows, red eyebrows, or green eyeliner. They can be naturally metabolized by the body's metabolism.

What are the benefits of complementary colors

The second complementary color can be adjusted and changed appropriately on the basis of the first time. If the color is too dark for the first time and you are not satisfied with the color or shape of the eyebrows, it is very difficult to adjust and modify.

The best time for the second complement color:

The normal color supplementation time must be 28 days, which is to wait for the eyebrow's anti-color period to pass.

Semi-permanent expert reminder

The regular coloring process of semi-permanent makeup is divided into 4 parts, coloring-crusting-color returning-complementary color. When the color is restored for the first time, there will be light color, lack of color, etc., which are normal conditions, and need to be completed by the second color supplement! The first time is to test the color of the skin and take shape; the second time Replenishing color, skin metabolism shows the final absorption effect of pigment in 28 days!

The same color leaves different colors on different people

1. Skin properties: oily skin and sensitive skin are the worst; 2. The repair products are small in quantity for many times, and the color of the skin and knots will be less when they are coated too much; the color will be lost when the scab is removed naturally;

3. Clean the tissue fluid in time after finishing it, otherwise it will affect the nutrient absorption of the repair product;

4. Don't scratch in the scab, it will fall off naturally.

Regardless of whether it is a one-time color test or a secondary color supplement, the semi-permanent focus is on nature. Combining the made eyebrows with the original eyebrows to form a natural eyebrow shape is the outstanding work of high-end semi-permanent makeup artists!

The second color supplement is a responsible performance to the customer. Only in this way can we make the eyebrows that satisfy the customer the most.

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