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5 tips of permant makeup eyeliner

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Many Girls think that their eyes look piercing, is there any way to say goodbye to tedious eyeliner tattoo drawing without surgery? That is: the beautiful eyeline!

Look carefully, I also made a cosmetic contact line! Fresh, natural and unpretentious!

The cosmetic line is an artifact of beautiful eyes. It can adjust the shape of the eyes, increase the layering of the eyes, brighten the look of the eyes, and play an important role in the eye makeup. It can make you "close your eyes without a trace, open your eyes with a sense of energy." Therefore, the seemingly small and inconspicuous color contact lenses contain infinite energy, and even big-name female stars cannot do without it.

The cosmetic line uses pure natural plant pigments, which are operated between the epidermis and the dermis. It is painless and does not bleed. It will slowly metabolize and clean with the passage of time. The color contact lenses can generally last for 3-4 years, but depending on each person's metabolism, some may last for 2-5 years.

Semi-permanent cosmetic contact line skills: 1. The curvature of the eyeliner: the curvature of the eyeliner is parallel to the curvature of the eyelashes. 2. The position of the eyeliner: The eyeliner is located at the root of the eyelashes and widens upward. 3. Eyeliner width: the upper eyeliner width is 0.8-1mm, the lower eyeliner width is 0.4-0.6mm. 4. The color of the eyeliner: The eyeliner should be based on emperor yellow and black. 5. The length of the eyeliner: The length of the eyeliner depends on the size of the eye.

The method of cosmetic line is very particular: 1. The thickness ratio of the beauty pupil line is appropriate, in line with normal eyelash walking rules. The eyeliner line uses black dye. Because the upper eyelashes are thick and long, the lines are wider and thicker when the eyeliner is tattooed; Because the lower eyelashes are short and sparse, the lines are thinner, so that the effect of the cosmetic line is harmonious and the shade is suitable. Generally speaking, the width of the upper and lower eyeliner, the thickness of 7:3 is more appropriate.

2. The color contact lenses are natural and realistic, safe and hygienic. The cosmetic line uses high-tech digital instruments to pierce the dye solution into the skin along the eyelash roots. The depth and speed of the needle penetration are digitally controlled, with high accuracy and little skin damage, so as to achieve the ideal eye modification effect. Very natural and lifelike. At the same time, the instruments used are all sterile high-temperature sterilization, avoiding the occurrence of undesirable phenomena during the operation.

These people need to make a semi-permanent cosmetic line: 1. The eyelashes are sparse and the eyeliner is not clear enough 2. Double eyelids on both sides are asymmetrical, or the shape of the eyes is asymmetrical, or the mucous membrane is white 3. Small eyes or drooping corners 4. For people with droopy eyelids, daily eyeliner and makeup removal will accelerate aging 5. People who are not good at drawing eyeliner or who take a long time each time 6. People who want to correct because the traditional eyeliner has become blue and wider 7. People who are prone to faint makeup after applying eyeliner

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