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How long will semi permanent makeup be popular?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The reason why semi permanent makeup is not called "permanent" It's because you can choose the best makeup look that suits you now, along with the trend and age.

About eyebrows: You can make flat eyebrows if you are 18 You can make a slightly curved eyebrow if you are 28 You need to lift your forty-eight sagging skin and raise eyebrows if you are 48 Therefore, in different time periods, you can control everything and make the makeup that suits you best at the moment

About lips: You will be a biting lip if you are 18

You will be a dreamy lips if you are 28 You can make a more solid color lips if you are 48

About eyeliner:

If you like it naturally, make it slender

If you like make-up, do it glamorous

When to choose what effect is important The choice is greater than the effort: it is to tell the woman not to toss herself, find a professional tattoo artist, and choose the semi-permanent makeup that suits her best right now! Do it right away and have beauty right away Semi-permanent, it is beauty, beauty, beauty that makes you simple, fast, and without side effects!

There are more and more semi-permanent beauties, because beauties know how to effectively improve their five senses and temperament, through a semi-permanent, immediate effect, why not do it, it doesn’t make sense.

If the eyebrows, eyes and lips are not beautiful, it can only be trimmed every day (thrushing eyebrows... eyeliner... lipstick), then it is a trouble! After a long period of tossing, you may not be able to makeup well... So the semi-permanent is so important!

With semi-permanent, facial features are more vivid, aura, natural, and charming.

Therefore, the semi-permanent market will only become more and more popular.

People who love beauty from 16 to 70 can choose semi-permanent, as long as you are willing to become beautiful, you can have it right away! Trends are changing and makeup is changing. Semi-permanent makeup can give you the opportunity to follow the trend and change. Will not be abandoned by the trend. Q: How long will it be popular semi-permanently? A: Semi-permanent will be popular for a lifetime!

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